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Features & Benefits

Introducing You to CASH+ Call Accounting Solution!

  • Installation, training and technical support is available through our online web support option.
  • Emergency technical support is available 24/7!
  • Rapid report generator
  • Automated emailing, printing and/or file creation of scheduled reports
  • Plenty of report variations available in a variety of formats (PDF, Excel, Word...)
  • Client/Server network compatible
  • Emergency 911 and/or Custom Call Alerts feature
  • Station Billing Details for recurring and non-recurring charges
  • Multi-Site application available
  • Area Code and Exchange table updates
  • Phone switch data may be collected via IP, Serial Port or Database
  • Automatic generation of extension and line tables reduce installation time and effort

A Call Accounting System is a Powerful Cost-Containment Tool!

Telephone usage costs are one of the largest monthly expenses for any organization, and almost always the one with the least amount of control. Efficient use of a call accounting system can provide valuable information on how this expensive resource is being used - or misused.

Improve Employee Production!

Eliminating unnecessary calling and making employees accountable for their telephone activity means fewer personal calls and more production from employees.